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Single Use Micro-Endoscope with multiple working and rinsing channels


Key Product Benefits


Single Use

2mm diameter micro-endoscope

Multiple channels

High definition image quality

High Intensity Laser Light

PC compatible


enlightenVue has developed a novel single use micro-endoscope that can be used for both diagnostic and interventional procedures with high-definition image quality. The micro-endoscope’s unique high-intensity laser light can deliver up to 20 times the light of ordinary sources, while producing sharper images and better contrast. The high-intensity laser-light delivers cool, high-lux illumination that can be efficiently coupled into light channels that are coupled with fibers of the smallest size.

Reduced Infection Threats

The single-use enlightenVue micro-endoscope is packaged in its own sterile tray and does not require cleaning and/or re-sterilization. This will assure that there is no chance of patient-to-patient transmission of microorganisms caused from difficult to disinfect and sterilize re-usable endoscopes.


Simple and easy to use the micro-endoscope can be applied in multiple healthcare settings; the operating room, outpatient clinics, as well as physician offices. enlightenVue’s image processing module cost is a fraction of the price of traditional video towers and is compatible with all PC’s and monitors.

Our Product

Single Use 2mm Micro-endoscope with multiple channels

enlightenVue is a development stage company creating unique micro-endoscope portfolio. The first enlightenVue endoscope is a disposable flexible 2mm outer diameter micro-endoscope that will incorporate multiple channels, along with a HD-like camera and a unique high-intensity laser-light illumination. This micro-endoscope incorporates a patent design allowing instruments to pass through the device for both diagnostic and interventional procedures. Since it is a single-use instrument, the performance of each endoscope will be consistent for every procedure, while also protecting against infections caused by difficult reprocessing and sterilization of traditional re-usable endoscopes. The image processing module is compatible with all PC’s and monitors.

The first EnlightenVue endoscope is a flexible device with a 2mm outer diameter while incorporating multiple working and rinsing channels.

“The single-use, cost effective enlightenVue micro-endoscope is the ideal solution to increase the number of less invasive procedures in many specialties, and multiple clinical settings while also offering unmatched protection against hospital acquired infections.”
― Giacomo Basadonna, M.D., PhD. – CHIEF EXECUTIVE OFFICER.


surgiVue micro-endoscope used on a small intestine


Disclaimer: enlightenVue micro-endoscope not for sale in the US